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Girlfriend Caught on Spycam Masturbating

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on March 1st, 2013 by admin

This dude emailed us with some videos of his ex-girlfriend from when he caught her on spycam masturbating. He said he’d been going out with her for weeks and she still wasn’t putting out so he thought she had another guy. So one night when she was out he snuck into her apartment and put spy cams all over the place. Well, a week later he found out that she didn’t have another boyfriend – unless you would count the battery operated friend that she kept hidden between her bed mattresses! Every single night when she would go to bed she’d pull out this battery operated vibrator and give her pussy a good workout and every single night she was caught on spycam masturbating. Well, when she dumped him a couple weeks later without even a blowjob, he sent us all the dirty footage that he had as revenge! And trust me, this is hot stuff!

girl caught on hidden camera masturbation

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Security Cam Voyeur Catches Secretary in the Act

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on February 9th, 2013 by admin

Most offices have security cameras these days but the security guard at this big office never expected to turn into a masturbation security cam voyeur. He couldn’t help it once he realized how often he could catch girls masturbating in the office after the boss went home. This one day he noticed that the secretary was getting really frustrated and when the boss went out the front door he immediately went to the security cam above her desk and guess what he caught her doing? He caught her logging on to her favorite porn for women site and found her with her hands in her panties. How could he not become a masturbation security cam voyeur when there were such goodies to be found? It was like his own private porn site except this was better – the girls he caught masturbating had no clue that they were being watched so they just did whatever felt good. And then he sends them to us!

security cam voyeur

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Girl Caught Masturbating on Spycam in the Bathroom

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on January 20th, 2013 by admin

There’s this bar owner that puts cameras in all the bathrooms so that he can make sure that there are no drugs going on but once in awhile he catches a girl masturbating on spycam. One of the perks of the business I guess. Anyway, he knows how much we love those videos so after he’s gotten his jollies watching pretty young babes like this one masturbating in his bathrooms he sends them to us. This sexy little blonde must be pretty horny because she just couldn’t wait to get her fingers into her cute little twat! And she has no idea that someone is watching her! You can tell she is clueless as she fingers her pussy because she really sinks her fingers into that juicy hole! When this girl caught masturbating on spycam video was sent to us we knew you’d love it so we had to share a little bit of it with you. But you know you can only get a taste here right? The rest of the video is in the members’ area!

girl caught on hidden camera masturbation

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Hidden Camera Masturbation on a Lazy Afternoon

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on December 30th, 2012 by admin

This hidden camera masturbation scene is every voyeurs dream! Why? Well, there’s just nothing hotter than watching someone play with themselves when they have no idea that they are about to be caught on camera. And that is exactly what happens when this sexy blonde sits down to read an erotic book on a lazy afternoon. There’s no one in the house so I guess when she gets to the dirty parts she figures, “Why not?” Good thing our voyeur had figured her for being a little dirty and a prime target for getting caught in some hidden camera masturbation! And he was right! Her rubbing and gentle caress just get her hotter and pretty soon she’s pulling off her clothes so that she can give her pussy the attention it needs to get her off! She doesn’t even care that she’s in the living room with the drapes hanging open!

hidden camera masturbation

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Hidden Masturbation with Dildo – From Across the Street

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on December 10th, 2012 by admin

You know it is amazing how much a good camera can pick up from across the street. One of our voyeurs caught this amazing hidden masturbation with dildo scene from the rooftop. He knew this hot blonde lived in this apartment building across the street from him and he’d caught a couple glimpses of her from his own window a few times but she was higher up. Then he realized that if he moved his camera up to the rooftop he could likely catch some hidden camera masturbation with dildo scenes if he got the right angles. So, up he went and was he ever right. When he first went up she was just browsing through some magazines in the living room but she must have been looking at dirty magazines because she got horny awfully fast and her clothing started coming off. Then, when she was down to her white lacy lingerie she moved in to the bedroom and that’s when the fun really started!

masturbation hidden cam with dildo

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Hidden Masturbation Video Gets Hot

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on November 20th, 2012 by admin

You know some girls just don’t pay attention to whether or not their curtains are fully closed or not and that’s exactly how they end up on a hidden masturbation video! Like this young lady. She was getting ready for bed when her next door neighbor looked out his window and what do you think he saw? Well, everything it seems! The silly girl didn’t close the curtains right away and he just happened to have his camera handy and he got some great pictures. I’m sure he thought he was just going to get some pics of his hot neighbor changing but when she started masturbating he tried for a better angle and he got some great shots. This babe really goes to town on her pussy and the great thing it that it is completely genuine because she has no idea that her every move is being captured in this hidden masturbation video.

hidden camera masturbation video

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Hidden Camera Masturbation in the Office

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on October 31st, 2012 by admin

So, just because you are in the office doesn’t mean there isn’t a hidden cam – masturbate at your own risk! And this hot little office babe doesn’t even know that her co-worker has put a camera in the ceiling panel just in the hopes of catching her doing something dirty! One day he checked the tapes and takes a look at what he found! He caught his sexy co-worker with her hands down her pants right under the camera! Trust me – this is hot stuff. This chick has no clue that there’s a camera right above her and she doesn’t hold back on having some fun with her pussy after hours when she thinks that everyone has gone home for the night! If you don’t think there is a hidden cam, masturbate all you like but don’t be surprised if your masturbate video ends up on the internet! You just never know!

hidden camera masturbation in the office

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Hot Blonde Masturbating on Hidden Camera

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on September 21st, 2012 by admin

So, one of our voyeur fans sent us a video of his friends hot blonde roommate masturbating on hidden camera and is it ever awesome! He told us how he installed a camera in her room one weekend when she was away but he’d only caught her undressing so far. But then one night she came back from a date and I guess she was horny because after she stripped down she started rubbing her pussy and got caught masturbating on hidden camera! This video turned out pretty hot and after he sent it to us we just knew that it had to go into the members’ area! So, enjoy the nice little teaser pics but if you want to see the whole thing you know what you have to do! And trust me when I tell you that this blonde babe knows just which buttons to push to make herself come!

hot blonde hidden camera masturbation

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Boss Lady Caught Masturbating on Security Cam

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on September 1st, 2012 by admin

Having a good security cam can be very rewarding – especially when the office bitch gets caught masturbating on security cam! I guess she didn’t know that the security team in her office takes things very seriously and has cams all over the place because one late night they caught her doing the nasty in her office. Well, the security guys must have had fun watching the boss lady fingering her juicy puss – we sure did. She obviously had no clue that she was being caught masturbating on security cam because she really got into it, shoving her fingers deep into her slippery hole and moaning like a bitch in heat. Can you imagine what her employees would think of her if they saw this hidden security cam video? Bet they would have a hard time respecting her after that.

hot lady caught on hidden camera masturbation video

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Masturbation Caught On Hidden Camera

Posted in Hidden Camera Masturbation on August 12th, 2012 by admin

Take a look at this toilet masturbation scene caught on a hidden camera! It looks like she can’t keep her fingers off her pussy and clit any time she’s alone. This time she walks into a public restroom and she doesn’t care about the smell of an unclean toilet. She will send your pulse racing as she pleases herself with a hot cunt fondling. This 4:22 minute long video will make your cock stiff!

toilet hidden camera masturbation video


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